Super A’can – Taiwanese 1995 Video game console

30 Aug


The Super A’can is a Taiwanese produced and sold console. Made by Funtech Entertainment Corp, it was the first Taiwanese video game system and was released in October 1995, and is often mistaken as a Super Nintendo clone.


The Super A’can is a 16 bit console released towards the end of the 16 bit era. The console sold very poorly and a mere 12 games were released for the system. The consoles can be found, and quite often are brand new because of how poorly they sold, but the games are another story. Games were available boxed with plastic inserts, just like the Super Famicom games, but they are very hard to come by.



A stand alone packaged controller was also available to purchase separately.


The Super A’can box suggests there was an accessory possibly called the “Super Colour”. Looking very much like Sega’s 32X. Not much information is known about this item. Going by the information on the box, this add on enhances the capabilities of the Super A’can. Enhancing the graphics processing, operating system, geometrical processing and the sound and language functions.


The internals of the console use two Motorola processors. The first being a 16 bit Motorola 6800 (used in the Sega Genesis/Mega Drive and SNK’s Neo Geo AES) and the second being the 8 bit Motorola 6502 (originally used in the NES). At the time it was quite a powerful system compared to its competition, and was capable of rendering games with a 32,768 colour palette.

It isn’t the sort of system that you would buy as a gamer. It has become more of a collector’s piece. The system itself could easily pass off a clone. It is very light weight and comes across as cheaply made. The non slip patches on the bottom of the console are poorly attached and the plastic over the console and controller is very weak. The box states that recycled materials are used, which is evident in the poor quality insert.


Contributing towards its failure is the high initial cost to buy the system and that the Super A’can was competing with systems such as the Playstation. The games also played a part in its poor sales, since the developers were very rushed to get the games finished. As a result, they were nothing to rave about, and some say they are imitations of Nintendo games.

The Super A’can is said to have lost the company more than USD $6 million. In the end, they destroyed all equipment from the production and development of the system and sold off all remaining systems to the United States as scrap parts.


The 12 games released were developed by a couple of different companies and are as follows.

Dragon Force
Formosa Duel
Gambling Lord
Magic-Stick Billiards
Monopoly: Adventure in Africa
Rebel Star
Sango Fighter
Sonic Flying Dragon
Super Taiwanese Baseball League
The Son of Evil

Unreleased games:

Journey to the Center of the Earth
Car Ball Defense Team
Birdcage Yard
Lightning Mobile Unit
A Q Lian Huan Pao
Romance of Bosozoku
Woman Guerrillero
Hero Saga
Happy Zoo
Demon Island

The following magazine articles are from the PGC forum. Barver’s efforts in researching the Super A’can are appreciated and provide a great insight into a side of the A’can that isn’t commonly known about. These are from a 1996 Chinese magazine.


It’s important to note that the logo on the console, as shown above is coloured, where as the system was released with the logo etched into the plastic with no colouring. Same with the next picture, note the colours of the controller buttons are different to what was released.


Evidence of the Super A'can on display at a trade show

Evidence of the Super A’can on display at a trade show

Screenshots of upcoming games

Screenshots of upcoming games


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